Monday, February 25, 2013

ecommerce made easy

I’m back after a week off due to some technical difficulties. My computer crashed and I had to send it out for repairs. Luckily, my sis, Dana is awesome and filled in for me. Hopefully she’ll be a repeat contributor [fingers crossed].

So to kick off the new week, I want to tell you about this great website I discovered this weekend. Storenvy. It’s basically like etsy, in so much that it’s a marketplace for handmade, vintage, used items. But here’s why it’s better: It’s free! I like free. As a start-up business, my budget is almost non-existent. I haven’t used etsy as a sale platform for the reason of the fees involved plus the paypal fees. Storenvy also uses paypal so you can’t really avoid those fees, but every listing you make in your custom store is absolutely free!

Another great thing I love about it is that you actually get 2 stores. You get your custom store where you can put your logo, change the colors, completely personalize it, but you also get all your items posted in their “marketplace.” What this means is when people search for an item or category, your items will appear in the results which drives your sales. With your custom store, you can add your own domain and use it as your official webstore (for free!) I don’t know a ton about ecommerce, but what I do know is that it can get expensive. There are tons of sites out there that have templates and forms to guide you, but cost a fortune to host. Not storenvy. They also offer the ability to have sale items and BOGO deals for a small fee of $2-$5 per month, but for all percentage discounts like 50% off, it’s free.

Since all of our products are made to order, we rarely have a lot of inventory on hand, but I can guarantee you will soon find us there.

Another place you’ll be able to find our products is the upcoming Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market on May 26. We will be exhibiting more “everyday” type accessories and home décor like bow-ties for men and your four-legged friends, jewelry, kitchy items, and hand printed postcards, plus much more. We will also be bringing bouquet wraps and other wedding items so you can see our craftsmanship up close and place your special orders.

We have a lot to look forward to in the coming months and we hope you’ll stick around while we navigate this exciting new venture.  

Here are a few of my “envy’d” items from the site…
"green" bottle opener

doormat with a line from one of my favorite songs by
 Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Do you know what movie this is from?
Have you heard about storenvy? Have you purchased anything? Is there an online marketplace that you can't live without? We want to know! Tell us in the comment section!

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