Thursday, February 21, 2013

Budget Safe DIY Lighting

As I ended yesterdays blog, and left you with tip (four) find alternative ways to bring in lighting elements, I realized I should probably let you know what I mean. Since this is a blog for the curious and unconventional, and I myself am a little bit of a DIY whore, I figured today is perfect for sharing some of the things I found.

Photo(one) the blogger keepcalmandwineon that created this light string centerpiece removed her blog.. recreate this look simply by wrapping a battery operated light string around your centerpiece
Photo(two) Lace painted light bulb A Bit of Bees Knees make your own type of gobo by painting your own design
Photo(three)Yanko Design DIY it by placing a glow stick inside a water balloon then use a type of netting or tights to hang
Photo(four) cupcake liner lamp shade by decorhacks
Photo (five) solar jars by ourlifeinaclick adds a little bit of color great from outdoors
Photo (six) thetinylight
Photo (seven) tin can lamps fireflygroupevents


Will you try any of these DIY lighting elements? Do you have your own DIY lighting elements? Share your thoughts and experiences with us. We would love to read about it in our comment section.

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