Thursday, January 31, 2013

Color Inspiration: Emerald Green and Navy Blue

Are you ready for your weekly dose of green? I hope so, because I made my first digital mood board ever. I'm still getting the hang of it, so don't judge me. I've made tons of tangible, real life mood boards, but this is a little trickier. I promise I will practice and get better and you'll be begging for more! Ok, ok here goes....

Image Sources:
1. Lemon Stripes
2. & 5. Calliespondence
3. Ann Taylor
4. Zazzle
6. Green Tea Design
7. Style Me Pretty

What do you think of this combo? Would you use these shades for your fete? What colors do you just LOVE? Tell us in the comment section and we'll make an inspiration board featuring your color palette!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Black Mermaid, Silver Aphrodite

It seems like everything in the fashion and design world is being influenced by the release of The Great Gatsby, due out this spring. Don't get me wrong, it's always been one of my favorite reads, and I love art deco, but not everyone can pull off the flapper style without looking like they're going to a costume party. And drop waist dresses are only flattering on waif-like girls. So if you're dying to join the fashion craze this season, do it with head gear!

Silver Aphrodite
Last night, while combing the interwebs, I stumbled upon this little treasure of a shop based in Edinburg, UK. Rene Walrus is a jewelry and accessory boutique. They have beautiful pendants, hair combs, and veils, but what I really love from the talented woman behind it all, is the headdresses. They evoke an ethereal and enchanting spirit.
The Queeny Headband

Kelp Headdress
The Black Mermaid line is made up of bejeweled headbands and tiaras.  With names like Silver Aphrodite and Black Mermaid, you feel like a mystical and alluring sea siren.

I love these pieces and you don't have to be a bride to wear them. They would go just as well with your little black dress as they would your glamorous gown.

Are you excited for the release of the movie? What do you think of these works of art? Would you wear one? We want to hear about it! Tell us in the comments section!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

a wedding, a flea market, and lots of sweet treats

Saturday, we welcomed a new member into our family. My cousin, Lauren, was wed to her best friend, Joe.

 It was a lovely, intimate ceremony with close family. The night was hosted by Under The Moon CafĂ©, located in Bordentown City, NJ. This place is so cute and has so much personality. The tables and chairs are all mismatched and you eat the Argentinian fusion cuisine out of random dishes. I felt like I was eating at someone’s kitchen table, which I absolutely loved; so charming. Small weddings are always my favorite. I feel like the couple’s individuality really comes through in all the details. 

The Cheesecake

The food was exceptional, especially the crab bisque and the dulce de leche cheesecake.  Let me just tell you, if you are ever in the Bordentown area, go get the cheesecake. It is made on the premises and I swear you won’t regret it. Amazing. For dinner, guests had a choice of vodka rigatoni with chicken, zuppa de pesce, or pork osso buco. I had the zuppa but everything looked delicious.

Lauren's 4 year old son, Dylan

Lauren and her brother, John

My sister, Dana, and step-mom, Trina

The happy couple tying the knot
Best wishes for a long and happy marriage! Love you guys!

Sunday was the first ever Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market. My husband and I went to check it out and had a great time. There were so many unique handmade and vintage finds along with vinyl. Lots of it. I ended up getting a cute Pantone coin purse and the guy selling them gave me a free little notepad with graph paper inside…which I was pleasantly surprised with since I love writing on graph paper.  And some comfy, broken-in Doc Marten boots.

But what I really want to talk about is the cupcake! Those of you who know me, know I love baked goods. I don’t like baking, but the eating part is fun. This little piece of chocolately heaven was made by Confections of a Rock $tar located in Asbury Park, NJ. The appropriately named, Rock n Roll cupcake was rich chocolate cake topped with fudgy buttercream frosting, packed in an adorable little pink box. As soon as I got home I looked up their website and let me tell you, they do amazing work! Go check them out, they take special orders.

image of a locket from origami owl
Another thing I wanted to mention is Origami Owl Custom Jewelry. Michelle Lawlor of Lucky17 Photography sells these little gems. They are completely customizable and interchangeable. The lockets have a clear face that you fill with charms to suit your personality. I love these. They are the perfect bridesmaid gift! Click over to her site to see the complete line. 

All in all, it was a great weekend. 

What did you do this weekend? Did you go to the Punk Rock Flea Market? What treasures did you find? Let us know in the comment section!
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Elie Saab

Please excuse my lack of post today. We are preparing for an event today. I will leave you with this though. The Elie Saab Ceres may have seen this stunner already since it's from last season, but I'm in love with it. The lace, the curves, everything. And just because the fashion world says it will soon be "out-of-date" with the spring line release, you can find huge discounts.

What do you think about this gown? Would you wear it? Who are some of your favorite designers? Leave us a comment and tell us!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mother Nature's Beautiful Mistake

I’m sure you all have heard by now that emerald is Pantone’s color choice of the year for 2013. Green has always been one of my favorite hues so I’m especially excited to see what pops up in the wedding world this year. In honor of the vibrant hue every Thursday I will be posting green-themed ideas to incorporate into your big day. 

Last spring I went to a growers’ expo at the Javits Center in NYC. There were so many beautiful blooms from all over the world, but one stuck out in my mind over all the rest. 

The green-eyed garden rose. 

 When I saw these my first question was “HOW!?” 

The center of this garden rose is comprised of rose foliage that has been misplaced due to genetic mutation. The grower I spoke to told me that for years the harvesting crew would just throw them away. And then one day someone said, “Hey, I can use this!” and thank goodness they did because they are truly a beautiful mistake. 

paired with tillandsia air plants

They work exceptionally well in green and white weddings.

The roses also come in a rich pink color with green centers called “Rive Gauche,” but there’s talk of new colors being developed as early as this year.
image from hoogasian flowers
I’ll be keeping my green eyes open for new designs using these unique blooms.

 What do you think about these garden roses? Would you use them in your wedding? Do you have any amazing emerald ideas you’d like to share? Dish ‘em up and maybe we’ll feature it in an upcoming post!
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Band of Angry Giraffes Ruins Wedding

Let’s face it. Sh..tuff happens. 

You insure other major purchases like your car and house, why not your wedding? Think of it as an investment and include it in your budget when doing your initial wedding planning. With all the money you spend on this special day, it’s definitely worth it.
image from travelers insurance

4 Reasons to Purchase Wedding Insurance

Weather- In the past 2 years, New Jersey has experienced earthquakes, tornados, and devastating hurricanes. So that lovely beach ceremony you planned and paid for was washed away by angry winds. Wedding insurance would cover relocations, rescheduling, even hiring new vendors if need be. 

 Accidents- Let’s say you’re bringing home your dress and you put it in the back of your fancy SUV and the hatch opens while you’re driving, causing the dress to fly onto the highway. Oh and BTdubs, an 18-wheeler just ran it over. It’s covered.

Bad People-  That videographer you hired with the weird comb-over closed up shop and disappeared a month before the big day. Now what? You call up your insurance company and tell them about it. You get your deposit back and hire a new one, that’s what.

Emergencies- Your sister trips while breaking in her shoes before the wedding landing in a full body cast. Before you yell at her for doing laundry in 4 inch heels, call up your agent. Injuries and illness are one of the leading causes for people to make claims and have no problem rescheduling the event, so send her some flowers and chick-flicks and relax.

Most policies cost $150-600 for up to $100,000 worth of coverage. When you think about how much you’re actually spending on your dream wedding, it’s totally worth it. And check with your existing insurance company, they may offer loyalty discounts.

Do you have wedding insurance? Have any crazy wedding stories? Did you or someone you know have to postpone or reschedule their wedding? What did they do? Leave a comment and tell us!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Welcome and Thanks for Reading!

Welcome to our blog. We will be posting about wedding trends, color, flowers, and diy projects for those crafty girls and boys and even the not-so-crafty ones. To get us started, here is the first Tutorial Tuesday post. I saw this on and absolutely fell in love with the whimsical charm and colorful backdrop of this wedding. It kind of makes me want to get married again..

here is the direct link to the post featuring this event...