Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Equality for All

Yesterday we stated our views on the marriage equality issue. Usually, we would never take such a stand in the "political arena" so as not to alienate any one of our readers. We don't feel that our views, whether on this topic or others, should reflect our talents, skills, or craftsmanship in our industry. 

What we do think is this: 

Every living person has the right to be happy. 

We don't claim to identify with one political party over the other. We don't judge you by who or what you love. And we don't condemn those who do not agree with us. 

There are so many reasons to be for or against same-sex marriage. Just like any social issue, opinions are mostly based on your up-bringing, religion, geographic location, age, gender, and especially your education. If you have ever followed an issue's progress through the media, the ideas they feed to you also play a huge role in "choosing sides."

But we ask you this:

Take a step back. Forget all the arguments you hear on the TV that muddle the facts, and reflect for a moment. 

What would you want from your country if the shoe were on the other foot? 

What we want is this:

For people to admit who they love without the fear of losing their jobs. For those same people to be able to see their loved ones in the hospital when they are ill. For everyone to be able to live without discrimination or fear of judgement. And most importantly, for everyone to have those certain unalienable rights on which our fore fathers built this country. Life. Liberty. And the pursuit of happiness. 

If you are in New Jersey and are having a civil union ceremony, we are your ally. We would love to be a part of your special day and showcase your love to one another by taking care of all your floral needs. 


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