Monday, March 4, 2013

Small Space Garden: The First Installment

I know I can't be the only one longing for nice spring weather. I'm so sick of cold and dreary days and the lack of motivation they bring. But luckily, I know it's right around the corner and it's gotten me thinking about the garden. I haven't had a proper garden in a few years because we lived in a 3rd floor apartment. But this year we can grow those delicious tomatoes New Jersey is known for. 

Even though we are excited about this opportunity, we still have a small backyard with 3 dogs, so careful planning is essential. We've decided raised beds and containers are our best route for success. I've been scouring the interwebs for small-space gardening options with efficient, high-yield layouts. I'm really liking the idea of square foot gardening since I can't decide on the crops, other than tomatoes, of course. This plan gives us a nice assortment while allowing us to conserve space.

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If you follow the link, you'll find the complete plans and supply list to recreate this raised bed. I would probably switch out the radishes for something a little more...appetizing, but to each his own, right? I'm still doing more research and learning the best crops to plant next to each other to fully optimize our space. Don't forge,t containers are a great option for small spaces. I'll bring you guys more tips as I find them. 
And if you have any pointers, let us know! 

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