Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Band of Angry Giraffes Ruins Wedding

Let’s face it. Sh..tuff happens. 

You insure other major purchases like your car and house, why not your wedding? Think of it as an investment and include it in your budget when doing your initial wedding planning. With all the money you spend on this special day, it’s definitely worth it.
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4 Reasons to Purchase Wedding Insurance

Weather- In the past 2 years, New Jersey has experienced earthquakes, tornados, and devastating hurricanes. So that lovely beach ceremony you planned and paid for was washed away by angry winds. Wedding insurance would cover relocations, rescheduling, even hiring new vendors if need be. 

 Accidents- Let’s say you’re bringing home your dress and you put it in the back of your fancy SUV and the hatch opens while you’re driving, causing the dress to fly onto the highway. Oh and BTdubs, an 18-wheeler just ran it over. It’s covered.

Bad People-  That videographer you hired with the weird comb-over closed up shop and disappeared a month before the big day. Now what? You call up your insurance company and tell them about it. You get your deposit back and hire a new one, that’s what.

Emergencies- Your sister trips while breaking in her shoes before the wedding landing in a full body cast. Before you yell at her for doing laundry in 4 inch heels, call up your agent. Injuries and illness are one of the leading causes for people to make claims and have no problem rescheduling the event, so send her some flowers and chick-flicks and relax.

Most policies cost $150-600 for up to $100,000 worth of coverage. When you think about how much you’re actually spending on your dream wedding, it’s totally worth it. And check with your existing insurance company, they may offer loyalty discounts.

Do you have wedding insurance? Have any crazy wedding stories? Did you or someone you know have to postpone or reschedule their wedding? What did they do? Leave a comment and tell us!

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