Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mother Nature's Beautiful Mistake

I’m sure you all have heard by now that emerald is Pantone’s color choice of the year for 2013. Green has always been one of my favorite hues so I’m especially excited to see what pops up in the wedding world this year. In honor of the vibrant hue every Thursday I will be posting green-themed ideas to incorporate into your big day. 

Last spring I went to a growers’ expo at the Javits Center in NYC. There were so many beautiful blooms from all over the world, but one stuck out in my mind over all the rest. 

The green-eyed garden rose. 

 When I saw these my first question was “HOW!?” 

The center of this garden rose is comprised of rose foliage that has been misplaced due to genetic mutation. The grower I spoke to told me that for years the harvesting crew would just throw them away. And then one day someone said, “Hey, I can use this!” and thank goodness they did because they are truly a beautiful mistake. 

paired with tillandsia air plants

They work exceptionally well in green and white weddings.

The roses also come in a rich pink color with green centers called “Rive Gauche,” but there’s talk of new colors being developed as early as this year.
image from hoogasian flowers
I’ll be keeping my green eyes open for new designs using these unique blooms.

 What do you think about these garden roses? Would you use them in your wedding? Do you have any amazing emerald ideas you’d like to share? Dish ‘em up and maybe we’ll feature it in an upcoming post!
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