Wednesday, February 20, 2013

# Let There Be Light

When, according to the Old Testament of the bible, the almighty proclaimed "Let there be light," it may have been the first time in record history that a lighting cue was called. Since that fateful day, lighting has come to symbolize safety, mood, atmosphere, and transition. In almost every event environment, lighting improves the atmosphere. It may be used to focus attention on the guest-of-honor or speaker, enhance the look of decor and food, as well as change the mood dramatically from one room to the next. These applications are only the tip of the iceberg, because many combine different lighting effects, much as a visual artist combines color and texture to create the desired effect. 

Uplighting/Wash Lighting: changes the color of the room: usually projected on walls, pipe and drape, ceiling, or dance floors. Ranges from $500 upward towards $1,000 depending on the size of the room

Monograms/ Gobos: a disk or lens that goes over a light to project a couples name, date, monogram, logo, or design. custom gobos start at around $300 (plus), again depends on style, color, metal or glass, ect..

Intelligent Lighting: able to tilt, pan, turn, change color, change gobo patterns, change focus (such as on the couple durning their dance, toasts, or cutting the cake). One Intelligent lighting unit may be able to replace a dozen other units. Due to the flexibility it offers it is significantly more expensive. This system needs to have a tech on site and price differs depending on location, length of time, ect..

Pin Spotting: provides a narrow focused beam of light on those beautiful centerpieces or cake. pricing starts around $700(plus) depending on how many tables you have. Also talk to your event coordinator, some venues dont allow you to attach things to the ceiling, making these hard to install..


There are many different kinds of lighting, all with a different purpose and as some of you may already know it can put a pretty hefty dent in your budget. When planning your next event remember these tips.. (one) know which type of lighting best suits your needs (two) check with your venue, many have on site equipment that might be included in your rental fee (three) shop around, remember you are mostly paying for labor, so every company is going to be different (four) find alternative ways to bring in lighting elements

What is your favorite lighting element? Would you use a gobo? Have you hired a lighting company for your event? We would love to hear about your experience, tell us about it in the comment section. 

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