Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day...and according to The Today Show, we now have "Earth Week." Since I've been getting my garden ready and buying and planting flowers and plants the past 2 weeks or so, I've come to a stand-still with my progress. I'm basically watching grass grow right now. Literally. Or more literally, watching it not grow. It's only been a week since I actually planted the grass, but I have no patience. 

I'm also watching my veggies not grow. I understand it's still early in the season, but like I said, no patience. I like instant gratification. And of course, I know I could buy my veggies already started, but even instant gratification isn't as gratifying as growing from seeds. 

So in the meantime, Chuck and I are trying to figure out some plans for all those bricks we dug up as well as the deck. This is a rental so we don't want to invest a lot or put anything permanent so it's presenting a bit of a challenge. However, I am going to be painting a "rug" on the deck...the only thing I need to nail down is the shape, colors, pattern, etc...pretty much all the details, but I'm definitely doing it. If any of you have done this, let me know if you have any words of wisdom. 

That's it for now, but this week I'm going to talk about vertical gardens, climbing plants and maybe an upcycle project or two. 

What are you doing to get your garden ready?

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