Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chair Revival Project: Part 1 Or (Awesome Bones, Dude.)

In my last post I talked about watching the grass NOT grow. Well, that was 2 days ago. Since then, it grew!  It's still too small to really see unless I get down on the ground like I did to take this picture, but it's on its way! I'm probably going to have to reseed though, since it's kind of patchy. But so far, so good. 

Sometime last year, I picked this chair out of the garbage behind my old apartment. This picture really does it no justice, but it's huge..really deep and awesome. It has the perfect "bones" for a flower bed/ moss sculpture thingy. I'm going to be making a moss slurry to "paint" on it to encourage growth as well as get some other shade lover...maybe some sweet potato vine? We'll see..but I'm considering painting it a bright hue so it peeks out from under the moss. 

 A couple nights ago, Chuck happened to be walking down the street at the right time. As I'm sure you've noticed, our back "fence" is basically just lattice and a makeshift gate. The little dog likes to get out so it's a necessity. Luckily, this guy down the street was disassembling his existing fence and Chuck carried this home along with more than enough chain link fabric and the top bar. All we have to do now is get some posts and tension bars and we're all set. We'll also be extending it a bit, which means more space for planting stuff.

I'll post pictures of the whole mossy chair process along with my formula for the moss paint when I do it. And later this week I'll update you on my brick upcycle.

What do you think about the chair? Have you done something like this and have any tips? Let me know in the comment section!

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