Monday, April 29, 2013

Plans v. Life or (Rain Delay)

It's Monday again. And although I had a ton of plans for today, most of which had to be performed outside, it's raining. So everything I was going to talk to you about is being put on hold until about Wednesday, or until this rain stops.

This weekend Chuck power washed the deck. This means I can now start adding some details to the decor. I'm making a hand painted outdoor rug (the rain is making this impossible.) I will be posting the entire process and all the materials so you can make one too. I'm also spray painting some metal folding chairs that have been sitting outside for who knows how long and will eventually get a couple cushions for them. Again, pics and stuff later this week. 

Since life happened, and my plans were ruined, I'm leaving you a tutorial featured on You Are My Fave. I love this and it's a little something you can include with your Mother's Day cards. Wind-up paper butterflies!

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