Friday, February 8, 2013

Attn: MEN! What to get your girl for Valentine's Day.

It's typical for single people to hate Valentine's Day. But nobody ever thinks that the paired up couples would too. Let's face it, there's a lot pressure involved in getting the perfect gift to symbolize your undying love.
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I'm going to admit that my husband and I don't really participate in this holiday. We make little surprises on other days and don't really get caught up in the over-priced, hooplah. And when I was working in a retail floral shop, I worked til 10pm anyway. This is why I've been trying to avoid talking about this holiday on my blog. A side-note: I did receive a new cell phone last year because there was an awesome sale. We're more about practicality in our home.

However, if you have the coolest girlfriend in the world, this is what she wants.

If you want her to get her butt in the kitchen and bake you some cakes, get out your plastic and order this baby right now. From KitchenAid the stand mixer is the Easy Bake Oven for grown-ups.

Fill this anatomical heart-shaped box (cue a grungy guitar) with love. Handmade by Etsy Seller WitchFindersGenStore

Another Talented Etsy Seller, AnvilsandAlchemy creates wearable art like this faux taxidermy moose. 

Ironic art for her apartment is always a good idea. Two of her favorite things..a sloth and Godzilla references. Slothzilla by SharpShirter.

BlackMilk Clothing has tons of awesome bathing suits with graphic prints. The Star Wars line is my favorite, but I still love this purple galaxy print for those who don't want a portrait of a young Harrison Ford stretched across them.

Of course, if you don't think she'll like any of this stuff, you could always take Whitney's advice on what NOT to get your girlfriend in this shakily recorded video of this week's episode of Love You, Mean It.

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