Thursday, February 14, 2013

Free Valentine Printable

Happy Valentine's Day! Here is a little history on this holiday as well as a free printable Valentine that I made for those of you who forgot the chocolates.

Saint Valentine was said to have demonstrated courage and valor in helping Christian martyrs being persecuted under Emperor Claudius II in Rome, during a time when giving any kind of aid to Christians was considered a crime.

Valentinus was arrested and imprisoned for this crime. He was condemned to death. He was beaten with clubs, stoned and finally beheaded outside the Flaminian Gate. After his death, this gate was known as Porta Valentini, later being renamed Porta Popolo.

There is a legend that says while awaiting his execution, he befriended his jailer's blind daughter whose sight he restored to her.

According to Alfonso Villiegas, in his book "Lives of Saints" the jailer was Asterios, one of the Emperor's lieutenants. He and his family were converted to Christianity by St. Valentine, and they were condemned to death by Claudius II. Furthermore, according to legend, on the eve of Valentinus' death, he wrote a farewell message to the jailer's daughter and signed it, "Your Valentine." This is how Valentines Day evolved into a day where lovers give gifts to show their adoration for one another. 
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 Anatomical heart image from graphics fairy

Are you celebrating today? What are your plans? Do you hate this holiday? That's ok, you can tell us about that too!

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