Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Ties that Don't Suck"

With the recent bow-tie craze, I've found myself looking for better, more personal options for your man. Of course, everyone knows I love etsy. Well, I found an amazing designer who is sure to cure your future hubby's neck-nakedness. Cyberoptix boasts their hand screen-printed ties, bow-ties, and scarves as, "Ties that don't suck." Each piece is made to order, and there are tons of color options. 
And ladies, they also offer pashminas to coordinate your gals and guys. 
Here are just a few of my favorites to gussy up your groom's gang.
circuit board bow-tie

"little piggy"

"insomnia" brainwaves

"oh honey"

"old fashioned"

"rocket science II

"science affair"
All Images are from the Cyberoptix Etsy Store 

What do you think of this neck-ware? Know of any other awesome tie designers? Let us know!

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